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This is why we do it!

Please note! We do not check or vet any charities or organizations. We simply pass on what people ask us to share, but we do not have any affiliation with them, nor do we make any guarantees about their trustworthiness. Please check any organization out thoroughly before donating financially or otherwise participating.

Awesome site/infographic that is giving $5000 if we can get 5000 votes in an epic beard showdown! Just vote to give!

Once you follow the link, make sure to scroll down.

The Beard Head Hat

No Shave Event/Fundraiser

Fundraising for a charity, holding a blowout Shaving event, or a small contest among friends?
How to Fundraise, hold events, and special Noshember perks...

Here at Noshember, we like to feature different charities that cause people to participate in No Shave November. These are just a few we came up with or found out about. If you have more that you would like to let us know about, contact us.

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